Sweet Niblets

I have been loving Miley Cyrus' new look. Her style has changed so much! She started out as the wig-wearing Disney star to the punk rock actress and musician. I love her work, but I love her current style even more! I would say her style right now is a combination of long skirts, high waisted shorts, and band t-shirts. I am especially in love with her classic look of high waisted shorts paired with boots and a bun! xx



I have a week left of vacation, but here are some pictures of my vacation so far. My family and I have been exploring the streets of Boston and visiting relatives in New York and Connecticut. The first picture is of my sister and I in Boston. The second picture is of a delicious iced herb tea I bought while I was looking through a cute cafe called Flour. Finally the last picture is one of the many farmers markets I have been to throughout my vacation. I love buying organic foods so I had a blast exploring these local markets! See you guys soon! Xx


Gone Shopping

In just a few days I will be traveling to the east coast for a vacation for about two and a half weeks. I am so excited to see all of my family, while enjoying beautiful landmarks and beaches. I will try my best to keep you guys posted while I am away, but I am not sure if I will have any access to Internet. Thank you for all of the recent support; it is greatly appreciated. See you guys soon!


It's Summer

It's is finally summer and I am ready to start wearing bright, bold clothes! I tend to wear brighter colors in clothes in the summer. I love wearing pants with a bold flower print, like the one shown in the picture above. The bold print matches with so many other clothing pieces and makes a statement. I have also been wanting to buy some bright colored pants, which can be turned into a laid back or wild look, depending on the shirt and shoes. The next time you see me I'll be wearing all bright clothing!xx-June


A Little Obsession

1:Audra Sandals●2:Ray-Ban Meteor Sunglasses●3- Summer Straw Hat●4-Girls'Bright Line Dress●5-Hot Dot Underwire Tank(bathing suit)●6-Citronella Sunscreen● Over the past few months I have developed an obsession with J-Crew clothing. I have found myself flipping through the catalogues my family receives every so often countless times. I love seeing the new ideas and creations of the designers in every magazine. A common J-crew look I love is an effortless cardigan paired with a button-up and a bold bottom. This look is found in almost every magazine and is simply timeless. I just received the summer catalogue and was inspired to create six different summer essentials from J-Crew; sandals, sunglasses, hat, dress, bathing suit, and sunscreen. With these six summer essentials, you will be ready for the summer!



One of my favorite design teams is Rodarte, which consists of two women, Kate and Laura Mulleavy. I discovered these designers while reading The Teen Vogue Hand Book; their story appealed to me almost instantly. They had grown up all their life in California in a town called Aptos. Later, they both attended University of California, Berkeley where Kate studied art history and Laura English. Before college they discovered their passion for fashion and began to practice sewing. In 2005 the Mulleavy sisters launched their ten piece collection in New York. After releasing their collection, they received nothing more than success. The sisters were nominated for the CFDA award for Womenswear and won the award in 2008. Today these women are busy creating designs in a decorated Los Angeles studio. They have released many different collections, including the latest, a spring collection for women. They continue to create creative pieces that many, myself included, admire.