A Little Obsession

1:Audra Sandals●2:Ray-Ban Meteor Sunglasses●3- Summer Straw Hat●4-Girls'Bright Line Dress●5-Hot Dot Underwire Tank(bathing suit)●6-Citronella Sunscreen● Over the past few months I have developed an obsession with J-Crew clothing. I have found myself flipping through the catalogues my family receives every so often countless times. I love seeing the new ideas and creations of the designers in every magazine. A common J-crew look I love is an effortless cardigan paired with a button-up and a bold bottom. This look is found in almost every magazine and is simply timeless. I just received the summer catalogue and was inspired to create six different summer essentials from J-Crew; sandals, sunglasses, hat, dress, bathing suit, and sunscreen. With these six summer essentials, you will be ready for the summer!


  1. June! I am so obsessed with J. Crew too! I love the Audra sandals especially in seafoam...

  2. I know about your obsession! You should get the shoes :)