Glaciers and Caribou

  Here are some of the many pictures taken from my trip to Alaska!  I went for about two weeks and had the most amazing time.  My family and I  stayed on land for the first week, then went on a cruise for the second.  Throughout the trip we saw tons of animals and beautiful scenery. Although I have to admit that I am not really a nature girl, I could not believe my eyes when I saw the bright blue glaciers and grassy mountains.   On a different note, I know that these photos are not fashion related, but I did get a request from a reader.  I also wanted to share more about my life and show one of the most important aspects of it: traveling and learning more about the different places I visit. Enjoy! xx
Ellis(my twin), Lily(my cousin), Me, Pearl(my older sister)
In the midst of the journey, the cruise boat passed through a series of incredible bright blue glaciers.
During the first land trip- Me, Lily(my cousin), Sophia(my cousin)
Looking at some interesting driftwood with my twin, Ellis
On a windy day with my cousin Tim and my sister Pearl
Photography-Pearl Thompson


I'm off

I'm off to Alaska in just a few minutes! To show my airport experience I naturally chose a picture from the 80's classic When Harry Met Sally. I will heading over with my mom's whole side of the family for two weeks.  We will be staying in lodges the first week and on a cruise for the second. I am so excited to be able to soak in the outdoors and of course the 23 hour soft serve ice cream bar. I will try to keep you guys posted, see you guys soon! Xx 


Peachy Keen

Where I live, the weather has been going through extreme changes! One week it will be 50 degrees, while the next could be up to 80 degrees. Currently it has been more on the hot side. Due to all the heat, more people at my school and on the streets have started wearing their summer clothes. I don't want to wip out my bright neon summer shorts and tank tops yet(it is only February), so I opt for a less bold option, pastels. Pastels, like peach or baby blue, give a lot of color, but are not as bright and bold.


Cashmere Galore

I have recently discovered a new love for cashmere sweaters, especially the ones from J.Crew.  Each sweater has a different design and individual details.  These sweaters are just another product I love from J.Crew.