Glaciers and Caribou

  Here are some of the many pictures taken from my trip to Alaska!  I went for about two weeks and had the most amazing time.  My family and I  stayed on land for the first week, then went on a cruise for the second.  Throughout the trip we saw tons of animals and beautiful scenery. Although I have to admit that I am not really a nature girl, I could not believe my eyes when I saw the bright blue glaciers and grassy mountains.   On a different note, I know that these photos are not fashion related, but I did get a request from a reader.  I also wanted to share more about my life and show one of the most important aspects of it: traveling and learning more about the different places I visit. Enjoy! xx
Ellis(my twin), Lily(my cousin), Me, Pearl(my older sister)
In the midst of the journey, the cruise boat passed through a series of incredible bright blue glaciers.
During the first land trip- Me, Lily(my cousin), Sophia(my cousin)
Looking at some interesting driftwood with my twin, Ellis
On a windy day with my cousin Tim and my sister Pearl
Photography-Pearl Thompson