Monday's List

Spring has already arrived and here are the top five essentials on my list.

1.  Light Clothes :  A thin cardigan or cotton long sleeve shirt keeps your body cool outside, but adds a layer of protection against the air conditioning inside.

2. Sun Protection:  Technically sunscreen or sunglasses should be worn throughout the whole year, but it is never too late to start.

3. Sandals

4. Statement Piece:  Whether it is a nail polish or sundress, Spring is the perfect season to incorporate bright colors or patterns into your wardrobe.

5. Staple Bag:  A bag is always useful for when you are on the go.  I would recommend one of neutral color; it won't clash with the flower print dress and neon flats that you're wearing.


Monday List

Amongst the chaos that is called life, I find that I need to have a period of time to do something relaxing in order to keep my sanity.   This time of relaxation especially comes to play during school nights when my free time is limited. For whatever reason, one activity that seems to calm me down is to make lists or schedules. I guess it is a way for me to organize myself in complicated or stressful situations.  I have decided (drumroll please) that Monday is officially the day on my blog for me to create a list of top five things of different categories.   As a result of my heavy homework load, I may not always be able to do a list for every single monday, but will try my best.  Here it goes..

Top Five Favorite Fashion Icons

1. Anna Wintour

2. Olivia Palermo

 3. Leandra Medine

 4. Olsen Twins

5. Rachel Zoe

Each icon has unique styles. Whether it is Olivia's effortless combinations to the always put together Anna, they all show their individuality through their wardrobes.


Seventh Grade Nightmare

My style has changed drastically throughout my fifteen years of life.  I mean realistically its probably changed drastically from just a couple months ago. Some of the pieces I have previously despised are now the ones I am desperately searching for when I go shopping.  Take flats for example; I am currently on the hunt for a great pair of ballet flats for everyday use. When I was younger, (for whatever reason) wearing flats was one fashion rule I did not want to break. My twelve year old self thought wearing flats was something very childish to do.  Ironically enough, those were the same years I wore bright, blue jeggings and sported over-side parted hair.  Or take skinny jeans; I have only worn jeans that were skinny until now.  Currently, I am becoming more interested in experimenting with other shapes of jeans such as with a pair with a bootcut style or wait for it, bell bottoms.  With all these style changes, I am curious how I will feel in five years about my choices, probably regret.