Monday List

Amongst the chaos that is called life, I find that I need to have a period of time to do something relaxing in order to keep my sanity.   This time of relaxation especially comes to play during school nights when my free time is limited. For whatever reason, one activity that seems to calm me down is to make lists or schedules. I guess it is a way for me to organize myself in complicated or stressful situations.  I have decided (drumroll please) that Monday is officially the day on my blog for me to create a list of top five things of different categories.   As a result of my heavy homework load, I may not always be able to do a list for every single monday, but will try my best.  Here it goes..

Top Five Favorite Fashion Icons

1. Anna Wintour

2. Olivia Palermo

 3. Leandra Medine

 4. Olsen Twins

5. Rachel Zoe

Each icon has unique styles. Whether it is Olivia's effortless combinations to the always put together Anna, they all show their individuality through their wardrobes.

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