Seventh Grade Nightmare

My style has changed drastically throughout my fifteen years of life.  I mean realistically its probably changed drastically from just a couple months ago. Some of the pieces I have previously despised are now the ones I am desperately searching for when I go shopping.  Take flats for example; I am currently on the hunt for a great pair of ballet flats for everyday use. When I was younger, (for whatever reason) wearing flats was one fashion rule I did not want to break. My twelve year old self thought wearing flats was something very childish to do.  Ironically enough, those were the same years I wore bright, blue jeggings and sported over-side parted hair.  Or take skinny jeans; I have only worn jeans that were skinny until now.  Currently, I am becoming more interested in experimenting with other shapes of jeans such as with a pair with a bootcut style or wait for it, bell bottoms.  With all these style changes, I am curious how I will feel in five years about my choices, probably regret.

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