Ten Again

I'm more of a pants person myself, but who can resist a bright pink Mexican dress.  My parents purchased this dress for me during a trip to Mexico many years ago and although it is much tighter and shorter, it still fits.  I often find myself sorting through old clothing items and finding new ways to incorporate them into my current wardrobe.  As soon as I saw the bright color, detailed colorful flowers and birds(ah nature), and slits at the sides, I knew I needed to find a way to slip it into my everyday style.  I paired the dress with one of my favorite jackets, a white textured cardigan.  Although it is faint, there are thin beige stripes, which I recently discovered, that add a little more edge and modernism to the look.  With this busy outfit, I added simple black boots, adding yet another edgy touch.

1 comment:

  1. This dress is stunning!! And I love the black boots that you paired it with.

    And might I say, girl, you have killer hair! Haha :)