It's Time

Starting school is not easy, trust me, I just finished my third week.  Based on my weeks, I got a sense of the crucial staples needed for school. One large aspect of high school, at least for me, is homework that usually results in late nights filled with art history flashcards and worrying about college. With four AP classes, I am all for sweatpants after those late nights, but only occasionally; finding ways to be fashionable, while comfortable is key for school.  Dressing in a way that makes me feel confident is something that I usually don't get when I wear a t shirt and yoga pants.   And when I am giving an oral presentation in Spanish or running a club, I need to feel comfortable in my own skin, and so should you!

Apart from clothes, there are several other aspects of school that should be taken in consideration. I always like to keep a bag filled with beauty supplies or products that I feel are necessary throughout the day or in case of an emergency.

Finally, beyond material objects, school can be challenging and as much as I wish it wasn't true, it is not always easier with a new cashmere sweater or fancy perfume(most of the time).  Relaxation does not usually come into context when school is brought up, but is something important.  Although school can be sleep depriving and stressful, it is essential to try to eliminate those components with relaxation.  Find something that makes you happy or will be relaxing.  Another part of school that many students encounter is pressure; with school, comes the thought of college and success in the future that brings a great deal of individual pressure.  This pressure can come from your friends, your family, or even yourself.  It is always necessary to remind yourself that although it is important to try hard in high school, it is only four years of your life, and it will not affect your entire future.