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Garance DorĂ©'s style has the same effortless appeal of your average French woman. It exudes easiness, even when the ensemble could have taken an hour.  She perfects slouchy monochrome and pulls of baggy shorts and pointy high heels. Ah, Garance. 


Straight From Bed 2

Glamorous images often appear in media, especially in movies, of women in their sleeping attire.  Although when I wake up my style tends to be more frightening than alluring, the undergarments can easily be transformed into street style gold.


Back 2 Business

I'm back!  Sorry for the two month absence, but I've been trying to manage my college applications and school work.  I still have the same amount of work, maybe even more, but I'm attempting to balance the heaps of madness. :)

Throughout this year I and many other high school seniors will participate in college, job, and internship interviews.   Therefore, business or formal attire becomes necessary when entering a more professional environment.  Here are my picks for the top five necessary wardrobe staples when it comes to any type of official interview.


1. Neutral Blazer

2. Neutral Bottom (Skirt or Slacks)

3. Printed Skirt

4. Simple Blouse

5. Comfortable flat


Don't Play With It, Wear It

Every fashion line has a theme.  Whether it illustrates the life of an uptown socialite or a grungy adolescent, each designer chooses its theme to base the pieces around.  All themes add to designers' collections, but the most outrageous or obvious themes tend to excite me the most.  One of my favorite themes, oddly enough, includes incorporating foods into the pieces.  Recently Moschino created different pieces based on fast food chains such as the french fries from McDonald's.  Another line from Dolce & Gabbana has to be one of my favorite lines for this foodie theme.  In 2012, Dolce & Gabbana created its signature formfitting dresses with a variety of different vegetable prints incorporated.  Vegetables have never looked this good, from the bright yellow zucchini blossoms to the red hot chili peppers.



Losing Boundaries

Recently, it has been noted that the fashion industry has slowly become dominated by season-less collections.  No more do designers follow the traditional rules that previously dictated their companies' outputs.  Although many aspects of recent collections suggest this carefree switch, the colors that the designers use make it the most obvious, at least for me.  We all see the neutrals of fall and winter slowly transform into the florals, pastels, and prints of spring and summer.   Many more major designers have incorporated plenty of color into their Fall/Winter 2015 lines, which they started to present around February.  Although companies such as Celine have kept their leather trench coats and dark-colored fur, companies such as Prada and Versace have implemented bubble gum pinks and shiny yellows.  I tend to stick with neutrals year round and this will definitely take me out of my color comfort zone.

Although this show occurred many months ago.. This is one of my favorite looks from the Prada Fall 2015 Collection!

Wow! Versace Fall 2015


Rain Choices

Surprisingly, it is currently raining here in LA. Here are my picks for an unexpected rainy day.

1. Rain boots:  Growing up in a place that rarely experiences stormy weather, I do not own rain boots.  Also, I don't love the typical mid calf look of rubbery boots.  However, while looking online I found a cute pair of patent boots that could definitely function when it is not sunny and warm.

2. Sweater

3. Snacks:  I mean, in any situation, I would say snacks could be the most vital necessity.

4. Jacket with a hood

5. Alternative way of covering yourself (umbrella, hat)


Picks for the 4th

Happy birthday America! Just like all my other posts, if you click on the items listed below you can see my specific picks for this upcoming celebration.

1. Sunscreen/Sunglasses

2. Neutral Sandals

3. Fringe Jacket

4. Red, White, or Blue Pieces (I mean, of course)
Dress, Button Up, Colored Denim

5. Vintage Tee



Airport Run In

1. Cashmere Sweater 

2. Vintage Jeans

3. Flats (Boots)

4. Sunglasses

5. Warm Jacket

Airports.  We all have to go to them at some point in our lives.  We go through the same tedious process that begins with rushing to pack up our suitcases, struggling to fit all of the necessities into one or two or maybe three bags. Desperately running around the house trying to find a toothbrush, while a cab outside honks, is an instance that typically marks just the beginning of the long day ahead. Next comes the actual airport, a facility that, although large in size, constantly feels crowded and seems to hold every single sick person from all of the United States.  It becomes a nucleus for ill, overly stressed people who don't get any better when they get patted down by strangers or must seek an edible, yet affordable meal.

A comfortable, yet stylish outfit typically improves these torturous conditions. Although it can't end world hunger or save us from awkward public encounters with old friends, a fuzzy cashmere sweater and worn in dark wash jeans saves the day for me. A perfect airport outfit can transform the stale pretzels into seven course meals and the long lines into opportunities for family bonding.




Yesterday I caught myself toasting my third bagel, which I then lathered with an excessive amount of cream cheese and consumed in a record breaking two minutes.  Although I am not extremely weight conscious, I knew this went beyond my general love for deli bagels. Typically, only two causes root this imperative need for four sesame bagels:  AP Exams and boys.   I ruled out the exams because I had just completed my fourth final and equally irrelevant test the previous week.  That meant the only cause left would have to be boys, or rather a lack of them.

Staying up until three a.m. to learn about Modern Art for Art History or staying in on weekends to make some summer-themed collages may have contributed to the lack of movement in my bleak love life. Nevertheless, it seems weird to be so focused on boys, especially because the previous weeks had been so consumed with the studying and stress associated with exams and eleventh grade. Wanting to get a guy's attention or simply a smile from a stranger, evident in my carb consumption, seemed to have become a recent interest.  Although present occasionally in my daily routine, the love of being single and attempting to be independent (and failing on multiple occasions) seems to consume the same aspects of my life equally, if not more.

Although finding pride in gaining independence and power as a woman motivates and empowers me, it seems inevitable to want some attention.  I associate myself as a feminist and possess feminist beliefs, yet feel devastated when a boy does not return the same romantic feelings towards me.  It's an uncomfortable paradox that seems to taunt high school and several girls I know.  We stand up for the rights of women, but still desire and need validation from men or perhaps feel less worthy when we have to go to a school dance with friends instead of a date for the eighth time.

This desire for a love interest sometimes seems to connect back to my fashion choices.  Although I do not think my fashion choices necessarily dictate my love life, it wouldn't hurt if I chose to wear pieces that may be more appealing to men.  I think I understood the concept of 'repelling' boys/men when I first read Man Repeller a couple years ago, one of my favorite blogs that speaks about numerous topics such as fashion and culture.  It was there that I connected my flared jeans and high necked blouses with the absence of romance.

However, as I grew older I began to separate those two ideas and loosen the connection between clothing and boyfriends.  Similar to many people I know who love fashion, nothing stops the desire or purchase of wacky, man-repelling items.  It really does not matter what boys or one's peers think about fashion choices because it is shared by a group of passionate individuals and functions as a platform for individual expression.

The Last Stretch

Finals week is coming up.  Here are my essentials for the long and treacherous days ahead.  xx

1. Comfortable Shoes

2. A good book

3. Sweatpants

4. T-Shirt

5. Cozy Jacket


Fashion in Film: Grease Lightning!

 The first time I watched Grease with my sisters about five or six years ago, it instantly became one of my favorite movies, and the film continues to entertain me immensely.  In fact, the first time we watched it, we watched it three more times in a row and began to sing along.  I'm not sure if this love sprouted from my general love of musicals or the unrealistic storyline, but nevertheless, the costumes worn by the characters seemed to have stood out.  The movie, although released in the late 70s, followed the events of teenagers in the 50s.  Long story short, by coincidence a girl, Sandy, and a boy, Danny, reunite after a summer fling.  Their love has its ups and downs, and of course the events are juxtaposed with a musical accompaniment. The simple midi skirts with button ups seemed to encapsulate an simple, causal ensemble, while creating a squeaky clean image and elegance.  Along with the typical 50s uniform, the last scene seems to stand out as well in regards to the costume design.  Sandy, in order to impress Danny, wears a revealing leather number that consists of an off the shoulder crop top, tight high waisted jeans, and peep toe heels.  I remember as young girl being encapsulated by Sandy's transformation and searching for my inner rebel.


For Mia

In the past, I have always casually supported the fight against cancer.  I say casually because the extent of my involvement with this topic had been viewing the videos and social media posts that emerged on various communication medias.  I never really became aware of the feelings the family members felt from the death of their child or aunt or neighbor when he or she died from cancer.  I never understood the exact feelings until my step grandmother passed away from lung cancer.  I never really understood the intense desire to see the person again for at least a couple minutes, even if I only saw her once a year. Spending time with her as if those minutes could somehow be put into a tiny glass jar or absorbed through the pores that sculpt my skin, keeping alive the ambience of the person who passed.
            These feelings have once again emerged today as my friend from a program I attend about once a month passed away.  She was more than a decent person; she glowed.  Her easy-going nature captivated all her peers, myself included.  Mia’s easiness to express her ideas, interests, and passions as well as her inviting presence made her someone to admire.  Like myself, Mia loved fashion and I mean loved.  As we roamed around Nordstrom before meetings every month, we made comments about the flashy tennis shoes and different designer brands we admired, and even planned on shooting a blog post together for our fashion blogs. If you could not tell her interest in fashion from her innovative ideas about trends and designers, her style seemed to emulate her interests, as well as her laid back attitude and engaging personality. 
            Rest in peace Mia.



Spring Essentials

With every new season comes essentials that seem to dominate top trends and street style.  Here are my top picks of pieces I find necessary for the Springtime. 


Style Icon

While clicking through the numerous sites covering fashion week, I notice several women displaying their magnificent street style.  A few possess the quality of managing to always look poised and put together, something I'm not sure I've mastered.
Magazine publisher and consultant Caroline Issa shows her effortless style on the streets of New York, London, and Paris. I look forward to seeing her appearance and the the look she has created. Her style seems to exemplify the easy attitude of breezy pantsuits and the bold bright lipstick, creating a unique look that mixes femininity with an unhinged, boyish edge.


Nature Week

Although not physically in the cities for fashion week, I recreated a slightly more casual look that I might wear to one of the shows.  Recently, I had mentioned that I loved the trend of wearing the same color pieces in an outfit, but in different shades. I paired a light grey sweater with dark high waisted jeans, as well as black oxfords that illustrate the trend that I initially sought to create.  I adore the silver, illuminated neckline of the sweater, adding a girly, funky touch to a single-colored outfit.

I traded the sky high buildings and 20 degree weather of New York for my California backyard filled with lavender and jasmine.  Although watching a Fendi fashion show seems slightly more appealing, fashion week has inspired me to pump up my creativity when it comes to my outfits during the week, even if I feel exhausted from homework.  Dressing well and enjoying my outfit helps lift some stress, although an excessive amount remains, making me think my brain might just burst.  It acts as a distraction, something I am able to explore and I know at least one aspect of my busy eleventh grade year is okay.


Matchy Matchy Week

(photograph by Phil Oh from Vogue.com)

Sadly while living in Los Angeles and with school, I cannot physically witness the events of New York Fall Fashion Week 2015.  However, I have still put in much thought into the outfit I would wear if I were able to attend one of the shows of the many fashion designers I love.  
Similar to many others who are currently walking on the impossibly cold streets of New York, I would wear different pieces of the same color, but in different shades.  A grey sweater, jeans, and large, textured coat seems like a great option fit for the cold as well as a glamorous runway show.  Also, for a slightly more casual appeal, a blue button down and straight blue jeans would work. Can't wait for my first runway show!


Monday's (Sunday) List

Although I do not typically celebrate Valentine's Day, unless you count eating excessive amounts of chocolate, this year I went out with my friend Annie to venture through the streets of Venice.  Our eventful night started as groups of men screamed 'Happy Valentine's Day' to us as we walked to a cute Thai restaurant.  There, we sipped on Thai iced tea and munched on egg rolls, chicken satay, and lad nah, all great dishes I would recommend.  After dinner, we roamed around and stopped for dessert.

Although several exciting experiences occurred as the night unfolded, one event stood out in particular.  As we were sitting in a small patio, Annie and I heard a loud crash and a crutch (yes, a crutch) flew right in front of us.  A bit startled, we started walking away and looked back to see a couple in a heated argument.  How romantic! Their fight just reminded me of how grateful I am for my friends I love and who would probably never throw objects at me.

Here are some essentials for v-day, whether it is something you celebrate or not.

1. White Oxford Button Down
2.  LBD
3. Coat (preferably pink)
4. Small Clutch
5. Pointed Toe Heel


Fashion in Film: Interpretations

About three or four years ago, I took a film class in place of a middle school elective.  The class watched several influential films, one of them being Roman Holiday, a film that has remained one of my favorites.  A fashionable Ann (Audrey Hepburn), a lost, European princess, wanders Rome with an equally stylish American newsman named Joe (Gregory Peck).  Amidst their adventures, as a viewer, I could not help but notice Ann's distinct sense of style. The outfit she wears for the majority of the film consists of a midi skirt paired with a loose, button up shirt, lace-up flats, and a 50s inspired striped neck scarf.  Her style seems effortless, yet put together, a skill I have to imagine every princess possesses.

A couple of years later, as I was reading the June 2014 edition of Vogue, I noticed an article on Louis Garrel, a talented French actor.  If I couldn't tell from the kitten heels and various shift dresses, the title and writing explained its Roman Holiday theme.  Reading and seeing pictures based on one of my favorite movies fused much excitement (maybe a little too much).  Seeing new interpretations of something I had gladly discovered years before in such a public, known platform such as Vogue  shows the ability to interpret fashion in various ways, whether it is representing a movie from the 50s or a new trend.


What's behind the feathered mask?

(left to right) Oscar de la Renta, Chicwish, Givenchy

This past week, my English class read The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allen Poe, a story of abhorrence and retaliation.  The tale follows Montresor in his pursuit of revenge against Fortunado who he believes insulted him. Montresor takes his victim to the underground catacombs, intoxicates him, and eventually buries him alive. Ironically, this is all taking place  in Venice, Italy during Carnival, a time of celebration before Lent.  The people of Venice at this time use the celebration to dress in their most extravagant attire.  Most of the outfits they wear exemplify royalty and exhibit dresses with three dimensional textures and masquerade masks with blank expressions.  Also, notable are the materials the participants wear that  possess a shiny, velvety quality.  These textures and materials could absolutely be brought to formal events, with modern lavish dresses and smaller, lacy masks.


Pass the Goldfish

After a long day of school following a long night filled with art history cue cards and a 2:30 bedtime, I looked forward to the car ride home.  Slouching and half asleep, I gazed out my window and passed the usual busy intersections and various students walking to a bus stop or gas station.  The other day, as I was peering out, I spotted a girl, no older than ten, walking along a curb on her tiptoes, something I would have seen myself do at a younger age of 8:30 bedtimes and Trader Joe's snacks.  Seeing this girl talking to herself as she was balancing, almost as if she were in a different world, disconnected from her surroundings, reminded me of 'childhood' experiences and past fashion.  Like most people, my style has grown tremendously since the age of ten. Nevertheless, I have kept some aspects of my childhood in my wardrobe.  Similar to the young girl I saw, my attire consisted mostly of fun patterns and colorful leggings as a pre-teen.  Although I tend to sport less color and fewer patterns in my daily wardrobe, I've kept my love for jean jackets, striped t shirts, and Trades Joe's cheese puffs.


Fashion in Film: Andy's Possessed

The fashion that viewers observe from the movies they watch has a direct effect on the emotional  and aesthetic aspects of the films.  In the past, movies have received praise for their stylistic options and grown in popularity as a result.  Without the aspect fashion scattered throughout cinematography, the films would not be able to illustrate the personalities of the characters or allow viewers to interpret the storyline without dialogue.

One of my favorite movies, "The Devil Wears Prada," uses its wardrobe to show Andy's character development, Miranda's no nonsense attitude, and Emily's intensity.  The movie shows the journey of Andy, a young woman breaking all of the precious fashion rules, navigating her way through the fashion world in order to become a journalist.  Her boss, Miranda Priestly, and her colleague mock her sense of style, and Andy eventually molds into a poised fashionista, while maintaining her intelligence and working drive.

There are too many of the characters' outfits I admire to choose my sole favorite, but several stood out.  Andy's fashion faux pas, although disliked by Miranda, Emily, and the movie viewers in general, inspire me to bend the rules of fashion in my own attire.  Her dreary plaid skirt and aero argyle sweater make Emily guffaw, but remind me of a 90s school girl walking to her AP class.  It  also makes me think of the burgundy penny loafers my older sister gifted to me on Christmas and the different manners in which I could implement it in my wardrobe.

That's all