Fashion in Film: Andy's Possessed

The fashion that viewers observe from the movies they watch has a direct effect on the emotional  and aesthetic aspects of the films.  In the past, movies have received praise for their stylistic options and grown in popularity as a result.  Without the aspect fashion scattered throughout cinematography, the films would not be able to illustrate the personalities of the characters or allow viewers to interpret the storyline without dialogue.

One of my favorite movies, "The Devil Wears Prada," uses its wardrobe to show Andy's character development, Miranda's no nonsense attitude, and Emily's intensity.  The movie shows the journey of Andy, a young woman breaking all of the precious fashion rules, navigating her way through the fashion world in order to become a journalist.  Her boss, Miranda Priestly, and her colleague mock her sense of style, and Andy eventually molds into a poised fashionista, while maintaining her intelligence and working drive.

There are too many of the characters' outfits I admire to choose my sole favorite, but several stood out.  Andy's fashion faux pas, although disliked by Miranda, Emily, and the movie viewers in general, inspire me to bend the rules of fashion in my own attire.  Her dreary plaid skirt and aero argyle sweater make Emily guffaw, but remind me of a 90s school girl walking to her AP class.  It  also makes me think of the burgundy penny loafers my older sister gifted to me on Christmas and the different manners in which I could implement it in my wardrobe.

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