Pass the Goldfish

After a long day of school following a long night filled with art history cue cards and a 2:30 bedtime, I looked forward to the car ride home.  Slouching and half asleep, I gazed out my window and passed the usual busy intersections and various students walking to a bus stop or gas station.  The other day, as I was peering out, I spotted a girl, no older than ten, walking along a curb on her tiptoes, something I would have seen myself do at a younger age of 8:30 bedtimes and Trader Joe's snacks.  Seeing this girl talking to herself as she was balancing, almost as if she were in a different world, disconnected from her surroundings, reminded me of 'childhood' experiences and past fashion.  Like most people, my style has grown tremendously since the age of ten. Nevertheless, I have kept some aspects of my childhood in my wardrobe.  Similar to the young girl I saw, my attire consisted mostly of fun patterns and colorful leggings as a pre-teen.  Although I tend to sport less color and fewer patterns in my daily wardrobe, I've kept my love for jean jackets, striped t shirts, and Trades Joe's cheese puffs.

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