Nature Week

Although not physically in the cities for fashion week, I recreated a slightly more casual look that I might wear to one of the shows.  Recently, I had mentioned that I loved the trend of wearing the same color pieces in an outfit, but in different shades. I paired a light grey sweater with dark high waisted jeans, as well as black oxfords that illustrate the trend that I initially sought to create.  I adore the silver, illuminated neckline of the sweater, adding a girly, funky touch to a single-colored outfit.

I traded the sky high buildings and 20 degree weather of New York for my California backyard filled with lavender and jasmine.  Although watching a Fendi fashion show seems slightly more appealing, fashion week has inspired me to pump up my creativity when it comes to my outfits during the week, even if I feel exhausted from homework.  Dressing well and enjoying my outfit helps lift some stress, although an excessive amount remains, making me think my brain might just burst.  It acts as a distraction, something I am able to explore and I know at least one aspect of my busy eleventh grade year is okay.


Matchy Matchy Week

(photograph by Phil Oh from Vogue.com)

Sadly while living in Los Angeles and with school, I cannot physically witness the events of New York Fall Fashion Week 2015.  However, I have still put in much thought into the outfit I would wear if I were able to attend one of the shows of the many fashion designers I love.  
Similar to many others who are currently walking on the impossibly cold streets of New York, I would wear different pieces of the same color, but in different shades.  A grey sweater, jeans, and large, textured coat seems like a great option fit for the cold as well as a glamorous runway show.  Also, for a slightly more casual appeal, a blue button down and straight blue jeans would work. Can't wait for my first runway show!


Monday's (Sunday) List

Although I do not typically celebrate Valentine's Day, unless you count eating excessive amounts of chocolate, this year I went out with my friend Annie to venture through the streets of Venice.  Our eventful night started as groups of men screamed 'Happy Valentine's Day' to us as we walked to a cute Thai restaurant.  There, we sipped on Thai iced tea and munched on egg rolls, chicken satay, and lad nah, all great dishes I would recommend.  After dinner, we roamed around and stopped for dessert.

Although several exciting experiences occurred as the night unfolded, one event stood out in particular.  As we were sitting in a small patio, Annie and I heard a loud crash and a crutch (yes, a crutch) flew right in front of us.  A bit startled, we started walking away and looked back to see a couple in a heated argument.  How romantic! Their fight just reminded me of how grateful I am for my friends I love and who would probably never throw objects at me.

Here are some essentials for v-day, whether it is something you celebrate or not.

1. White Oxford Button Down
2.  LBD
3. Coat (preferably pink)
4. Small Clutch
5. Pointed Toe Heel


Fashion in Film: Interpretations

About three or four years ago, I took a film class in place of a middle school elective.  The class watched several influential films, one of them being Roman Holiday, a film that has remained one of my favorites.  A fashionable Ann (Audrey Hepburn), a lost, European princess, wanders Rome with an equally stylish American newsman named Joe (Gregory Peck).  Amidst their adventures, as a viewer, I could not help but notice Ann's distinct sense of style. The outfit she wears for the majority of the film consists of a midi skirt paired with a loose, button up shirt, lace-up flats, and a 50s inspired striped neck scarf.  Her style seems effortless, yet put together, a skill I have to imagine every princess possesses.

A couple of years later, as I was reading the June 2014 edition of Vogue, I noticed an article on Louis Garrel, a talented French actor.  If I couldn't tell from the kitten heels and various shift dresses, the title and writing explained its Roman Holiday theme.  Reading and seeing pictures based on one of my favorite movies fused much excitement (maybe a little too much).  Seeing new interpretations of something I had gladly discovered years before in such a public, known platform such as Vogue  shows the ability to interpret fashion in various ways, whether it is representing a movie from the 50s or a new trend.