Fashion in Film: Interpretations

About three or four years ago, I took a film class in place of a middle school elective.  The class watched several influential films, one of them being Roman Holiday, a film that has remained one of my favorites.  A fashionable Ann (Audrey Hepburn), a lost, European princess, wanders Rome with an equally stylish American newsman named Joe (Gregory Peck).  Amidst their adventures, as a viewer, I could not help but notice Ann's distinct sense of style. The outfit she wears for the majority of the film consists of a midi skirt paired with a loose, button up shirt, lace-up flats, and a 50s inspired striped neck scarf.  Her style seems effortless, yet put together, a skill I have to imagine every princess possesses.

A couple of years later, as I was reading the June 2014 edition of Vogue, I noticed an article on Louis Garrel, a talented French actor.  If I couldn't tell from the kitten heels and various shift dresses, the title and writing explained its Roman Holiday theme.  Reading and seeing pictures based on one of my favorite movies fused much excitement (maybe a little too much).  Seeing new interpretations of something I had gladly discovered years before in such a public, known platform such as Vogue  shows the ability to interpret fashion in various ways, whether it is representing a movie from the 50s or a new trend.

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