Monday's (Sunday) List

Although I do not typically celebrate Valentine's Day, unless you count eating excessive amounts of chocolate, this year I went out with my friend Annie to venture through the streets of Venice.  Our eventful night started as groups of men screamed 'Happy Valentine's Day' to us as we walked to a cute Thai restaurant.  There, we sipped on Thai iced tea and munched on egg rolls, chicken satay, and lad nah, all great dishes I would recommend.  After dinner, we roamed around and stopped for dessert.

Although several exciting experiences occurred as the night unfolded, one event stood out in particular.  As we were sitting in a small patio, Annie and I heard a loud crash and a crutch (yes, a crutch) flew right in front of us.  A bit startled, we started walking away and looked back to see a couple in a heated argument.  How romantic! Their fight just reminded me of how grateful I am for my friends I love and who would probably never throw objects at me.

Here are some essentials for v-day, whether it is something you celebrate or not.

1. White Oxford Button Down
2.  LBD
3. Coat (preferably pink)
4. Small Clutch
5. Pointed Toe Heel

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