Nature Week

Although not physically in the cities for fashion week, I recreated a slightly more casual look that I might wear to one of the shows.  Recently, I had mentioned that I loved the trend of wearing the same color pieces in an outfit, but in different shades. I paired a light grey sweater with dark high waisted jeans, as well as black oxfords that illustrate the trend that I initially sought to create.  I adore the silver, illuminated neckline of the sweater, adding a girly, funky touch to a single-colored outfit.

I traded the sky high buildings and 20 degree weather of New York for my California backyard filled with lavender and jasmine.  Although watching a Fendi fashion show seems slightly more appealing, fashion week has inspired me to pump up my creativity when it comes to my outfits during the week, even if I feel exhausted from homework.  Dressing well and enjoying my outfit helps lift some stress, although an excessive amount remains, making me think my brain might just burst.  It acts as a distraction, something I am able to explore and I know at least one aspect of my busy eleventh grade year is okay.

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