Fashion in Film: Grease Lightning!

 The first time I watched Grease with my sisters about five or six years ago, it instantly became one of my favorite movies, and the film continues to entertain me immensely.  In fact, the first time we watched it, we watched it three more times in a row and began to sing along.  I'm not sure if this love sprouted from my general love of musicals or the unrealistic storyline, but nevertheless, the costumes worn by the characters seemed to have stood out.  The movie, although released in the late 70s, followed the events of teenagers in the 50s.  Long story short, by coincidence a girl, Sandy, and a boy, Danny, reunite after a summer fling.  Their love has its ups and downs, and of course the events are juxtaposed with a musical accompaniment. The simple midi skirts with button ups seemed to encapsulate an simple, causal ensemble, while creating a squeaky clean image and elegance.  Along with the typical 50s uniform, the last scene seems to stand out as well in regards to the costume design.  Sandy, in order to impress Danny, wears a revealing leather number that consists of an off the shoulder crop top, tight high waisted jeans, and peep toe heels.  I remember as young girl being encapsulated by Sandy's transformation and searching for my inner rebel.

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