Picks for the 4th

Happy birthday America! Just like all my other posts, if you click on the items listed below you can see my specific picks for this upcoming celebration.

1. Sunscreen/Sunglasses

2. Neutral Sandals

3. Fringe Jacket

4. Red, White, or Blue Pieces (I mean, of course)
Dress, Button Up, Colored Denim

5. Vintage Tee



Airport Run In

1. Cashmere Sweater 

2. Vintage Jeans

3. Flats (Boots)

4. Sunglasses

5. Warm Jacket

Airports.  We all have to go to them at some point in our lives.  We go through the same tedious process that begins with rushing to pack up our suitcases, struggling to fit all of the necessities into one or two or maybe three bags. Desperately running around the house trying to find a toothbrush, while a cab outside honks, is an instance that typically marks just the beginning of the long day ahead. Next comes the actual airport, a facility that, although large in size, constantly feels crowded and seems to hold every single sick person from all of the United States.  It becomes a nucleus for ill, overly stressed people who don't get any better when they get patted down by strangers or must seek an edible, yet affordable meal.

A comfortable, yet stylish outfit typically improves these torturous conditions. Although it can't end world hunger or save us from awkward public encounters with old friends, a fuzzy cashmere sweater and worn in dark wash jeans saves the day for me. A perfect airport outfit can transform the stale pretzels into seven course meals and the long lines into opportunities for family bonding.