Losing Boundaries

Recently, it has been noted that the fashion industry has slowly become dominated by season-less collections.  No more do designers follow the traditional rules that previously dictated their companies' outputs.  Although many aspects of recent collections suggest this carefree switch, the colors that the designers use make it the most obvious, at least for me.  We all see the neutrals of fall and winter slowly transform into the florals, pastels, and prints of spring and summer.   Many more major designers have incorporated plenty of color into their Fall/Winter 2015 lines, which they started to present around February.  Although companies such as Celine have kept their leather trench coats and dark-colored fur, companies such as Prada and Versace have implemented bubble gum pinks and shiny yellows.  I tend to stick with neutrals year round and this will definitely take me out of my color comfort zone.

Although this show occurred many months ago.. This is one of my favorite looks from the Prada Fall 2015 Collection!

Wow! Versace Fall 2015

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