Don't Play With It, Wear It

Every fashion line has a theme.  Whether it illustrates the life of an uptown socialite or a grungy adolescent, each designer chooses its theme to base the pieces around.  All themes add to designers' collections, but the most outrageous or obvious themes tend to excite me the most.  One of my favorite themes, oddly enough, includes incorporating foods into the pieces.  Recently Moschino created different pieces based on fast food chains such as the french fries from McDonald's.  Another line from Dolce & Gabbana has to be one of my favorite lines for this foodie theme.  In 2012, Dolce & Gabbana created its signature formfitting dresses with a variety of different vegetable prints incorporated.  Vegetables have never looked this good, from the bright yellow zucchini blossoms to the red hot chili peppers.